Monday, 23 January 2012

Frost, live at Longyearbyen

Aggie wears her Damselfrau mask on stage at Svalbard.

photo by Ingvild Kolnes

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Vogue Italia+Paulina

Two black lacy numbers of mine in a shoot by Paulina Otylie Surys and high corsetress Sian Hoffman. Click title to go to Paulina's profile in Vogue.

Monday, 2 January 2012


Two portraits of yours truly taken by Lars Myhren Holand. One with vodka and Noosk. One in the garden of composer Michael Nyman, at his house in North London.

Dragonfly for Rebecca, spirit of 2011

I was given a hand me down this Christmas from Rebecca, through Graham. A beautiful Victorian bone silk bodice, full of beading and sequins for the purpose of mask making. It was falling apart, and Rebecca wanted it to have a second life. She gave me the whole thing for my work, and all she wanted back was a small piece, reformed into a token, amulet, something to wear, anything....In literal spirit of metamorphosis I made her a dragonfly brooch. Most of the material from pieces of the bodice,stuffed with cotton wool and glass beads for weight, some brass detailing I got from this wonderful little shop i Marais and some antique Czechoslovakian filigree buttons for eyes. It's sort of a Japanese fighter plane, merged with a stuffed animal. It is approx 14 cm long and 12 cm wing span. I gave it to her on the last day of 2011. She was happy.Graham was happy. What a good project to end the year with.I am happy.